Our business was built from our love of the canoe, and our experience with canoe building and restoration. With that in mind, it is a natural fit for us to offer services in canoe building, restoration, maintenance and repair.


New Canoes

All of our new canoes are built to order and can be customized to your individual preferences. We use all new materials but century old techniques in the construction of our canoes ensuring the highest quality aesthetic values and superior handling characteristics of the classic canoes are preserved. Our canoes are constructed in a way that meets or exceeds the standards set by the Wooden Canoe Builders Guild, thus ensuring that your canoe will withstand the test of time.

We will work with you to design the canoe of your dreams. Every piece of the canoe can be customized, from the stem and gunwale shape, to finishing touches. Contact us to discuss your wishes, and we will work with you to produce a one of a kind canoe for a lifetime of paddling memories.

We currently have the following canoes available:


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An example of how we can customize a canoe:

Custom built 14ft Cedar Canvas Canoe.
Custom built 14ft Cedar Canvas Canoe.

This canoe was built on the 14ft chestnut playmate mold, with custom jigs to shape the stem and gunwales in order to give it the appearance of the Algonquin birch bark canoes of the late 19th century. It was constructed out of white and red cedar, with ash gunwales and mahogany parts. We hand laced the seats with babiche and applied custom made decals to both the hull, decks, and thwart.

Prices vary on model, and finishing options chosen. Please contact us to discuss your needs and preferences, so that we can build the canoe of your dreams.

Restorations & Repairs

From simple repairs to full restorations, we can return you beloved canoe back to its original glory.

Cedar canoes lend themselves readily to restoration as all the components that have failed or worn out can be replaced in order to bring the canoe back to its original strength. Old finishes can be stripped away, woods sanded, and new finish applied to return it to its original glowing appearance.

We guarantee all of our work to equal or exceed the quality of the original work.

If you are interested in owning a restored canoe, check out our Adopt A Canoe page for a list of canoes we have available. If you adopt a canoe before it is restored, you will be fully included in deciding the extent of restoration and choosing the finishes to suit your personal preferences.

Display Canoes

Smaller versions of full sized canoes built it the exact same manner as our full sized canoes. They look incredible in any space. We currently offer 4 & 5 ft display canoes.


4ft wood hull    $795+tax

4ft canvas hull $995+tax

5ft wood hull   $895+tax

5ft canvas hull $1195+tax


For those who have a modern day synthetic canoe, but love the look of wood, we can trim your canoe with wooden parts (gunwales, decks, handles, seats, thwarts/yolk). We can also apply a fresh coat of varnish of paint to the hull giving your loved canoe a “like new” appearance.



Contact us to learn more.