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Canoe & Boat Restoration


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canoe restoration
canoe restoration

From small repairs to full restorations, we’ll make your canoe like new again.

We are a full service canoe shop with the ability to repair and restore all types of wooden canoes and small wooden boats. Every vessel that we work on is finished to the highest standards and reflects our commitment to excellence. We guarantee that our work will meet or exceed its original condition.

Canoe restoration

We don’t just repair canoes, we build them too!

All of our new canoes are built to order and can be customized to your individual preferences. We use all new materials but century old techniques in the construction of our canoes ensuring that the highest quality aesthetic values and superior handling characteristics of the classic canoes are preserved. Our canoes are constructed in a way that meets or exceeds the standards set by the Wooden Canoe Builders Guild, thus ensuring that your canoe will withstand the test of time.

New Canoe Builds
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lake canoe

Inspired Décor

In addition to canoes, we offer a whole line of canoe inspired décor for the home or cottage. All of our décor items are built using the same techniques and materials used in the construction of the full size canoes, and are finished to the same high standards.