When you purchase a canoe from us, you are bringing home a piece of history. Attached to a canoe are the joys and memories made from exploring the waterways they have traveled. You become a custodian of a vessel that we hope becomes a treasured family heirloom that will be passed from one generation to the next. A well cared for wooden canoe can remain serviceable for well over a hundred years.

Our inventory of canoes changes throughout the year so be sure to check in on occasion to see what’s new. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us directly. We are always looking for canoes to restore and would be happy to help you find the canoe of your dreams.


If you purchase a canoe in “As Is” condition and would like to have us restore it, we will do so to your preferences. Canoes in “As Is” condition can be left the way they are as they make great decorative pieces.

A “Restored Canoe” has been fully restored by us, returning it to “like new” condition. These canoes are ready for many years of service.

A “New” Canoe, is a traditional cedar-canvas canoe that has been built by us.

All prices on this page include applicable taxes.

Muskoka Canoe Works 15′ Cruiser $5085 ($4500 + $585 hst)


Length: 15’
Beam: 33”
Depth: 13”
Weight: 57lbs

Whether you are headed into the backcountry or a leisurely day trip, the 15ft Cruiser is a great fit for your paddling adventure.

This canoe comfortably accommodates two paddlers and has great all around paddling characteristics. The tumblehome sides with a moderately flat bottom allow for a smooth glide with superior handling qualities. The shallow arch hull carries its fullness to the bow and stern providing ample room for cargo.

If you are looking for a canoe in the 15ft range that can do it all, then look no further.

This Cruiser is constructed out of white cedar with stained cherry gunwales, decks, and parts. The seats are hand caned for the ultimate in beauty and comfort.

Peterborough Model 64 (circa 1901-1921) $1250.00

Basswood Rib & Batten Construction, AS IS. This canoe has the image of a  blue bird and the word “OWAISSA” painted on the side. We have done some research and found the following:

  1. The word “OWAISSA” is native for blue bird.
  2.  There was a YWCA camp in Port Maitland ON called Camp Owaissa. We have no idea if this canoe belonged to that camp, but the prior owner believed that his family got the canoe from a camp.

Muskoka Canoe Works – 13ft Traditional Cedar Canvas Canoe $4407.00 ( $3900 + $507 hst)

Traditional cedar canvas canoe. All white cedar construction with ash gunwales and a mixture of ash and cherry parts. Webbed seats for superior comfort and a carrying yolk for ease of transport. This canoe is perfect for day trips or solo adventures.