Muskoka Canoe Works is a full service canoe shop dedicated to the continuation of the heritage of the wooden canoe. Every canoe and furniture piece that leaves our shop has been handled with the upmost care and finished to the highest standards of quality.

Our services are divided into two major categories: Canoes and Furniture.


New Canoes; Canoes built to suit your individual needs and preferences. We use all new material but century old techniques, ensuring the same high quality esthetic qualities and superior handling characteristics of the classic canvass covered cedar canoes. We construct our canoes in a way that meets or exceeds the construction standards set by the Wooden Canoe Builders Guild, thus ensuring that you receive a canoe that will stand the test of time.

Repairs & Restorations; From simple repairs to full restorations, we will work to return your treasured canoe to its former glory and glowing appearance.We guarantee all of our work to equal or exceed the quality of the original work.

Display Canoes; Smaller versions of full sized canoes built using the same techniques and materials and finished to the same high standards. They look incredible in any space.

Synthetic Canoes; For those who love their modern day canoe but also love the look of wood, we can trim your canoe with wooden parts (gunwales, decks, handles, seats, thwarts/yolks). We can also apply a fresh top coat of varnish or paint returning your canoe to a “like new” appearance.

We also have canoes available for sale. Some canoes have been restored and are ready to go. Others are in the condition that they were found in, allowing you to dictate some of the finishing details. Please see our Canoes for Sale page to see what we have available.


We specialize in the construction of custom canoe inspired furniture, using traditional cedar canoe building techniques and materials. All of our furniture pieces are built new. We never cut canoes apart to repurpose as furniture unless they are so badly damaged that the vessel cannot be restored to its former glory.

Every piece that we create is a one of a kind due to the unique nature of the wood used. No piece will ever be identical!

We currently produce the following itmes;

  • wanigans (storage chests)
  • coffee tables
  • canoe shelves
  • canoe bars

You can choose from pieces available in our inventory or custom order an individual piece(s) in your choice of wood types, finish and other options.

Please contact us directly and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have or to discuss various options for your project.