We specialize in the construction of canoe inspired decor, using traditional cedar canoe building techniques and materials, and finished to the highest standards. All of our furniture pieces are built using new materials -we will not cut apart a canoe unless it is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired.

We offer a variety of items that capture the beauty, strength and simple elegance of the wooden canoe. They are highly functional and will look stunning in any room.

You may purchase items from our inventory or order pieces with your choice of wood types and finishes.


Our beautiful Canoe Display Units are an eye catching addition to any space. With a variety of sizes and options available, we can create one perfectly suited to your needs. We build them to the highest standard, using the same techniques and materials used in cedar canoe construction…we even build them on the same molds.

canoe shelf    Canoe bar_v2


2.5shelf                           2.5shelft


2.5 foot shelf

-standard with 1 or 2 shelves

7 foot or 8 foot height (approximate), plus 3″ removable base

-shelves come standard with 3 shelves

-bar comes standard with 3 shelves, wine glass hanger, and wine rack

*contact us directly if interested in a different height


Canoe Shelf

2.5 foot shelf                   $495 +tax

6    foot shelf                   $1695+tax

7    foot shelf                   $1795 +tax

8   foot shelf                   $1895 +tax

Additional Shelves       $40

Canoe Bar

7   foot bar                     $1995 +tax

8   foot bar                    $2095 +tax


Take your love for the canoe and the lake inside with a beautifully handcrafted Cedar Canoe Coffee Table. These 5 ft canoes are built in exactly the same way as a full sized canoe, and look amazing in any room. Each table can be customized using a variety of wood types and finishes, and your choice of a glass or wooden slat top.


Coffee Tables: All are built to an approximate finished length of 5 feet, width of 18″ and height of 16″-18″

Hallway/Sofa Table: All are built to an approximate finished length of 5ft, width of 18, and height of 30″


wood hull or painted canvas hull

wood or gass top


Coffee Tables:

wood hull with wood top       $995.00+tax

wood hull with glass top        $1045.00+tax

canvas hull with wood top    $1295+tax

canvas hull with glass top     $1345.00+tax

Hallway/Sofa Tables:

wood hull with wood top       $1095+tax

wood hull with glass top        $1145+tax

Canvas hull with wood top    $1395+tax

Canvas hull with glass top     $1445+tax


A Wanigan is a wooden box traditionally used to carry food and supplies on canoe trips. The word “Wanigan” is borrowed from the Ojibwa word “wannikaan” meaning ‘storage pit’.

Our beautiful handcrafted Wanigans make a great storage chest for any home or cottage, with uses limited only by your imagination. We have three sizes to choose from, and a variety of wood and finish options to customize your Wanigan.


Small: 8″ x 19″

Medium: 14″ x 25″

Large: 21″ x 32″


Outdoor use: If you intend to use your wanigan outdoors, please let us know as this requires certain modifications from its standard form. Our “outdoor” version is built using lap joints,  with all components varnished prior to assembly. After construction, the wanigan is finished with a minimum of 3  coats of varnish (the same product used on canoes). Add $100 for this option.


Small            $315 + tax

Medium       $420 + tax

Large            $525 + tax

Outdoor Option: Add $100

*all wanigans come with hinges and lid supports as required

FINISH OPTIONS (for all furniture items)

Wood Options

Stems: White Ash or Cherry

Ribs: White Cedar

Planking: White or Red Cedar

Gunnels: White Ash or Cherry

Decks: White Ash or Cherry

Shelves: White Ash or Cherry

Wine Rack & Glass Hanger: White Ash or Cherry


Oil Base Varathane: Satin or Semi-Gloss



Please contact us and we will work with you to design your own one of a kind piece or see what we have in stock.