When you purchase a canoe from us, you are bringing home a piece of history. Attached to a canoe are the joys and memories made from exploring the waterways they have traveled. You become a custodian of a vessel that we hope becomes a treasured family heirloom that will be passed from one generation to the next. A well cared for wooden canoe can remain serviceable for well over a hundred years.

All of our canoes come complete with documentation of the restoration process and (if available) the manufacturer and the watercrafts history.

Our inventory of canoes changes throughout the year so be sure to check in on occasion to see what’s new. If you are looking for something specific, please contact us directly. We are always looking for canoes to restore and would be happy to help you find the canoe of your dreams.


If you purchase a canoe before the restoration is completed we will include you in the decision making process and allow you to pick the finishing touches.

*Adoption fees include taxes.




Peterborough Mermaid (1956)

14ft Cedar Canvas

ADOPTED June 2018







Lakefield Tecumseh (1966)

16ft Cedar Canvas

ADOPTED July 2017







Peterborough Ottonobee (1941-1956)

16ft Cedar Canvas

ADOPTED July 2017








Manufacturer Info Unknown

16ft Cedar Canvas

ADOPTED July 2016





Chestnut Prospector (age unknown)

16ft Cedar Canvas

 ADOPTED May 2016